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Unfortunately, Youtube has demonetized our channel. Their reasons are unclear and unjustified and they refuse to let us speak with anyone who can give us clear cut answers. We are so disappointed, shocked, heartbroken, frustrated and not to mention, scared! This means that H4Happiness is on the verge of closing down and we really can’t let that happen! This is our full-time job and our livelihood and what keeps food on our table for our little family. Obviously, Youtube is too large a corporation to care about that and so we are being proactive and trying everything we can to keep us going. Us and other channels who have been affected could not possibly have seen this coming and so we don’t have a Plan B.

The only way H4Happiness would be able to stay alive is with your help of any donation amount to fund our channel. We are finding it so hard to ask for donations as it is definitely not something we ever thought we would need to do. If everyone reading this donates only just $1, we have a fighting chance of staying alive.

Another way in which you can help is by appealing to Youtube via Twitter (we have discovered that a few channels were remonetized after their viewers reached out to Youtube’s Twitter profile [email protected] and told them to bring “so and so’s” channel back).

We are so grateful for any help you can give to save our channel.

Twitter: Talk to @Teamyoutube and mention us @heal4happiness


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