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This album has been created to bring out the natural feelings of joy, peace, fulfillment and total realaxation. It is a very healing album that can take you to a deep place withing yourfelf where anything is possible.

Healing music can be used to heal or simply to sleep or relax at the end of a long day.

Duration: 1 Hour

Format: 320kb/s MP3 (.wav available on request or from itunes here)

Check out sample below.

Album Details

This album has been created for Healing4Happiness by another artist. It has been created using 432Hz tuning. This is believed to be more harmonizing to the body and have a better sound. It is also a healing frequency. We love this track and hope you do to.

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  • Moon Rising


About The Artist

Victoria Beits is a talented composer from Russia, who loves writing music and believes good sound can make people a little bit more happy. She writes ambient relaxing music, and also composes in a variety of other genres including music for kids, orchestral, dramatic and background music for media projects including games and apps. Find her on Facebook.


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