With dozens of self-published works, Healing4Happiness is set to release many more albums during 2018 and 2019.

Here is a little more about how promotion with Healing4Happiness works:
• For promotion under our label, we publish a suitable piece of work(s) as a video on our channel. This work remains your’s, however, commercial use rights for youtube must be granted.
• Within the video description we can place, Artist Bio, links to Sales page (iTunes, Band Camp etc), website and social media pages.
• We promote this video to our 60K+ subscribers on youtube as well as other social media channels including facebook, twitter and 5 others.
• If the video containing your work takes off, you will receive 200+ sales from referrals, from the video at its peak time.See featured artists below.


Featured Artists:

RayLindsey Ray Lindsey

Ray Lindsey is a composer/accompanist/multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Philadelphia, Pa.

As a composer, he has created works for the University of Washington, Interlochen Arts Academy, Pa. Governor’s School for the Arts, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges, the Dayton Ballet, the Shirley Rock School in Philadelphia as well as theatrical productions, television, and works for modern dance and ballet choreographers. Among the instruments he plays are piano, violin, guitar, metal and wood flutes, xylophone, chromatic harmonica, and mbira. Additionally, he has been involved with electronic music techniques and audio editing for many years.

As an accompanist he has worked for Kansas City Ballet, Minnesota Dance Theatre, Pacific Northwest Ballet, University of Washington, Cornish Institute, Interlochen Arts Academy, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore Ballet Theatre, University of the arts, Governer’s school of Arts, Shirley Rock School and Pennsylvania Ballet.

Visit Ray On: balletclassmusiclibrary | Bandcamp


AndreBelow Andre Below

I was just a Dreamer.
Not from this world, and not in this world. Daydreaming in my own fantasy.
School time was terrible.
Teachers would hate me for turning them into a clown, with my parrot mouth.
Bullies making me angry, calling me a nerd, a weak boy, and I took all their punches until I exploded in my anger, throwing chairs around the classroom.
Psychologists couldn’t make much sense of me.
A doctor diagnosed me with ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder.
Because I didn’t take attention to boring things I had to learn, that I already knew?
So, I was on drugs and being a better student.
But why adapt to the rules anyway?
I stopped, as I said: I don’t want to be on medication.
A decade later, I discovered that Meditation is my medication.
My Life was shifting when I went to a Spiritual Healer for the first time in 2015.
I started my Journey to my Inner Self, and discovered how to Heal Myself Holistically, in Harmony with Body, Mind, and Soul.
No longer was I dreaming my life, now I am living my dreams.
Making conscious choices, I am aware that I am creating my own reality.
Now, I know
How to Relax Deeply
How to Release the Past
How to Face and Overcome Subconscious Blocks
How to Build Up Healthy Daily Habits, to Grow Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally
Every Day I Am Excited to see Miracles that Fill My Heart with Joy and Love
When You take the Journey Inside, You Discover and Know that You are never alone, and that You Are Always Loved.
I Want You to Find and Feel that Divine Unconditional Love Within. Aloha.

Visit Andre On: andrebelow | YouTube


JordanJessep Jordan Jessep

Young artist and composer from Sydney, Australia who experiments with many styles of music.

He recently released two successful ambient meditation albums, Ambient Worlds, and Ambient Worlds II: The Vault of Heaven. A third Ambient Worlds title is currently in the works.

Jordan is also a part-time freelance composer. Available for TV, web, game and film scoring

Visit Jordan On: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | iTunes | Spotify | Productiontrax | Pond5 | Amazon


AmyLauren Amy Lauren

With a background of training in classical music, Amy is known for writing unique, beautifully melodic and elegant new age piano music. After releasing her first CD in 1999 and receiving two national songwriting awards from that album, she has since released six additional albums. Heard worldwide on internet and broadcast radio stations and released internationally, her music has consistently appeared in the top of the new age music charts. Amy is an artist on the popular internet radio station, Whisperings – Solo Piano Radio, Pandora and eScapesTV, a HD satellite and cable television network. In addition, her music can be found on Music Choice Soundscapes, and has appeared in NBA TV Specials, a compilation CD by Aulos Media of Seoul, Korea, a private label CD for the Spa Rosseau at The Rosseau, a JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Ontario, Canada, and numerous other independent licensing projects worldwide. Amy’s music has also received a following overseas. Jingo Records based in Taiwan has released four of Amy’s albums, and have also included several songs on other compilation albums in Asia.

Visit Amy On: AmyLaurenPiano | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | iTunes | Amazon | Pandora


DavidNevue David Nevue

David Nevue is a self-taught pianist who resides in Eugene, OR. In 1992, David released his first album of piano works called The Tower, written as a soundtrack for one of his short stories. In the years since, he has released fifteen other albums including his most recent, Winding Down. David’s 2005 release, Overcome, won the title “Best Instrumental Piano Album of 2005” at the Lifestyle Music Awards. Today, David promotes his music almost exclusively via the Internet. He is the program director for Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio, a hugely popular Internet radio broadcast. David tours five or six times a year and has performed concerts with David Lanz, Wayne Gratz, Peter Kater, Suzanne Ciani, Robin Spielberg and dozens of other pianists. David’s music can be heard on over 220 radio programs worldwide, as well as Spotify, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Music Choice and Pandora Radio.

With God, All Things are Possible. The Mission is Right Here, Right Now. A message from pianist David Nevue.

Visit David On: Facebook | iTunes | Pandora | Youtube | Spotify | Twitter


Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan is a Grammy® Winning Composer and a Billboard Top 10 Recording Artist. Laura enjoys great popularity around the world, not only for her award winning New Age, Classical, and Ambient music, but also for her warm and loving spirit. In addition to being aGrammy® winning and Billboard Top 10 Artist in New Age, her original Classical and Ambient music has been included in the score of two Emmy winning documentaries, as well as in many popular television programs and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies.

Visit Laura On: Facebook | YouTube | Website




John Burke

John Burke is an award-winning pianist with a prolific musical career. Inspired by pianist George Winston and keyboardist Ray Manzarek, John has created an intelligent, rich, and cinematic sound that challenges common preconceptions of solo piano music.

A native of Atlanta, GA, John began studying piano in high school after being inspired by his musical father. John played sporadically for a few years, but once he started at Oglethorpe University, John’s musical life flourished as he joined a band, studied with remarkable artists and started composing.

Since 2011, John has composed multiple acclaimed solo piano albums, two of which were finalists for Album of the Year at John has also composed film scores, directed musical theater, and collaborated with a wide variety of instrumentalists, singers, and writers.

Beyond his solo works, John plays jazz, performs at weddings, accompanies choirs and orchestras, and discusses Muggle affairs with his cat, Dobby.

Visit John Burke On: Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website


Vasily Boykov

Vasily Boykov – composer and musician, poet. For this name hides a huge universe of creative potential and irreconcilable principles of its implementation.

Vasily Boykov was born in the Russian city of Tver, 158 km from Moscow. His career started out pretty normal. Like many young people of his age (12-13 years) Vasily begins to learn to play classical guitar. But with time he realized that the study of the works of many famous composers stifled his creative energy. “How can you call music replay of someone’s compositions on a study by notes?” he asked.

In 2006 Vasily arrives on law department of the Tver’s branch Ministry of Internal Affairs Moscow university of the Russian Federation , to a position of the cadet. He enlists in the Combined orchestra of the Tverskaya garrison. Being on tuition, Vasily studies game on different musical instruments: from wind instruments and Russians national to modern synthesizers and computer modulators.

Visit Vasily Boykov On: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website



THE GAUDAN PROJECT – Hold still is a rhythmic and penetrating infusion of warm beats from a divine source.

The Hang, a unique instrument with an ancient sound and mystical feel, is played by global artist Garden. In a hybrid trademark sound that fuses downtempo hip hop & dub beats with cinematic electronic keyboard sounds , enhancing the Hang to develop its amazing and rich overtones.

Produced and arranged by Roland Spremberg, international successful record producer and keyboarder from Studio 439 in Hamburg, Germany.

An introverted affair between external sounds and inner emotions of two artists who share a mysterious inner being which never stops to be amazed to find the beauty and mystery of creation.

Visit The Gaudan Project On: Reverb Nation | Youtube | Montezumayoga Dagmarspremberg


AS Anjey Satori

Anjey Satori – author 14 CD music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

The composer was born 6 April 1969 in the Ukraine. From his early years, Enjoy started interesting in mysticism and esoteric teaching of the East.

He worked as an organizer of special courses and training in the Institution of Alternative Medicine where he got enough experience to start teaching basics of bio-energy & healing.

Any made up his pseudonym “Satori” (Enlightening in Japanese) during one of his yoga practices. Once he underwent a “consciousness expansion” and then he experienced “satori”, described in classical Zen-Buddhism. The feeling of inner light and bliss was lasting for a few days. It was an encounter with his inner Self.

Visit Anjey Satori On: iTunes | Magnatune | Band Camp | Relaxation Music


angelight Angelight

Angelight is the pen name of a young Russian composer who was the founder of transformational change in the direction of music. His musical history began long before he released any musical works. He began a spiritual quest and achieved insight and the ability of clairvoyance. Soon after he discovered that he was able to cure people. During this time Angelight was enthusiastic of spirituality and psychology and visited various scientific psychological seminars. At one of the seminars, he presented his first music work, which opened a new page in the history of Russian music.

After this Angelight worked on 10 successive albums aimed at helping and improving mankind. Gradually, Angelight approached a new stage in his creativity. The result of this became the music series, “the appearance of light” with “Music From the World of Karlos Kastaneda” and “Gallery of Energy”.

After this, Angelight wrote many articles about the technology of his transformational approach in writing music and began work on a whole new series of albums: “The Cured Powers of Music”. His music is performed in concerts, through different auditoriums attended by children and retirees alike, Angelight is buoyed by the striking results that his music achieves.

Visit Angelight On: Magnatune