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Here is a little more about how promotion with Healing4Happiness works:

• For promotion under our label, we publish a suitable piece of work(s) as a video on our channel. This work remains your’s, however, commercial use rights for youtube must be granted.
• Within the video description we can place, Artist Bio, links to Sales page (iTunes, Band Camp etc), website and social media pages.
• We promote this video to our 60K+ subscribers on youtube as well as other social media channels including facebook, twitter and 5 others.
• If the video containing your work takes off, you will receive 200+ sales from referrals, from the video at its peak time.


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Check here if you own all of the rights to your music or you have a commercial reuse licence. You accept Healing4Happiness to publish your work in return for providing links to your page(s).

For further information or to sign with Healing4Happiness Music as your record label, email [email protected]